Arctic Studio has loads of features - for a full feature list please select a PDF brochure below.


  • 300 square meters of flexible space
  • 12x10m white cyclorama
  • 8m high ceilings
  • Two shooting spaces (black and white)
  • 3-phase power (32 amp)
  • Ground floor roller-door access
  • Bar and kitchenette
  • Furnished waiting room for clients
  • Board room for meetings up to 10 people
  • The option to black out the studio


  • Phase One P40+/Mamiya 645AF medium format digital package for hire
  • In-house digital services/retouching
  • Photographic and digital press printing
  • 7ft parabolic umbrella on rolling boom stand
  • Flash, Tungsten and Daylight Flouro lighting
  • Black/white poly boards and books
  • 3.6x2.8m black/white rolling partition walls